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Being Chinese, I was raised on a diet that was rich in seafood. As a child, my mother would let me cook with her. Her favorite was steamed fresh fish, Cantonese style. Blended with soy sauce, green onion, and ginger, she used the same perfect timing I use today to cook my dishes. If you're a seafood lover like me, be sure to taste some of the fresh fish Maui has to offer! I Love Frh Fh A childhood memory lives on. Me i L a m Mei Lam is the owner, operator and chef of Fu Lin, an oceanfront Chinese seafood restaurant. They're open 10:30am -10pm daily and serve some of the best Asian/Pacific cuisine in Hawaii. Call Mei at (808) 661-7071 or stop by 1312 Front Street near Safeway for some great Chinese food. FuLinChinese.com First Chinese people on Maui: 1852. Interesting fact:: Okay, I admit it, this is kind of a silly little article, but seriously, the picture to the right is my favorite use of fire. If you've never seen an onion become a flaming volcano, you're in for a treat! On Maui, Haleakala is our local volcano, and Pele is the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire. Lighting these onions on fire is one way we keep the spirit of Pele alive. If you get the chance to watch the show, do it! Fire on Maui A restaurateur's love of volcanos. M art ha H a l eakal a Martha Haleakala is a passionate foodie and owner of Kobe Japanese Steakhouse in Lahaina. If you'd like to watch the flaming onion of Haleakala, or get some great teppanyaki, call Martha at (808) 667-5555, visit her in Lahaina, or check out her website at KobeMaui.com. The volcano Haleakala last erupted before 1600. Interesting fact:: juan G o m ez No doubt many of my other "Maui's Favorites" colleagues will have written about the deliciousness of island fruit and vegetables, but I have to mention the Maui grown tomatoes. As a pizza and Italian food chef, cooking with local tomatoes picked off the vine the same day is amazing. Seek out places with fresh island-grown ingredients. Juan Gomez is an Italian food aficionado and the owner of Penne Pasta Café in Lahaina. To taste Maui's freshly grown tomatoes or find out more about his specialty dishes call Juan at (808) 661-6633, visit them at 180 Dickenson Street, or check out his menu at PennePastaCafe.com. Tomatoes are a fruit, rather than a vegetable. Interesting fact:: 62 Tomato or Tomato Bursting with great flavor.

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