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When getting in line for security at Maui's airport, watch out which line you're standing in. e shorter line is for TSA-Pre, while the longer line is for regular travelers. Look at your boarding pass. If you see "TSA-Pre" on it, get in the shorter line. 38 If you're coming to Hawaii for the first time, this list will be important. But even if you've been here before (or live here) it might be worth it to check them out. DO... Reserve time to relax and do nothing. Tip the locals, they really appreciate it. Smile and laugh, you're on vacation. Use the word "Aloha", it feels good. Take your shoes off when entering homes. Try the fresh fish, poke, and plate lunches. Slow down, things are on Hawaii time here. Get some sun, and swim in the ocean. DON'T... Forget sunscreen. Even so, don't overdo it. Honk. It's rude here unless it's an emergency. Approach monk seals or turtles, it's illegal. Swim or hike alone, it's simply not safe. Ask us what kind of currency we use here. Spend a lot of time on your phone or laptop. Take home rocks or sand, it's bad luck. Leave valuables in your car. Feed the fish; it messes with the ecosystem. Most of all just remember to relax & enjoy! When did people first live in Hawaii? Jack Jones — New York e first inhabitants of Hawaii arrived by double- hulled voyaging canoe from the Marquesas Islands in about 500 AD. People from Tahiti came next in about 1200 AD—also in the same vessels. is second wave of Polynesians are the ones we refer to as ancient Hawaiians. e Tahitian language developed into the Hawaiian language that is spoken today, and the two languages still share many similarities. Is the ukulele really Hawaiian? erese Sakamoto—Northern Mariana Islands No. e ukulele came from Portugal in 1879 when Portuguese laborers immigrated here on three year contracts to work the sugar cane fields. In Hawaii, the instrument was renamed the ukulele, which means "jumping flea," because of the quick, flea-like strumming of the hand. e only instrument indigenous to Hawaii is the Hawaiian steel guitar. Check out the Maui Steel Guitar Festival every April to learn all about it! Q & A From Me to You EDITOR'S DESK Airport Tip TRAVELER BEWARE DO'S & DON'TS When on Maui... << ACTIVITIES

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