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32 << ACTIVITIES Four species of dolphins are found in the warm waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands— the Pacific bottlenose dolphin, the spinner dolphin, the rough- toothed dolphin, and the spotted dolphin. The most commonly seen are the spinner dolphins, which are about five to six feet long. They're easy to identify as they leap out of the water and literally spin. No one knows if this is to communicate, to rid themselves of parasites, a part of their hunting style, or just to have fun. Dolphins seem to enjoy themselves, and will play games with seaweed or leaves, as well as surf in the waves. If you are in a boat, dolphins will often swim alongside it and keep pace with it. They may also approach you while you are snorkeling or kayaking, and if so, keep your hands off or risk a ticket from the county. >> Dolphins don't have a sense of smell, but they have great eyesight and hearing, and are highly sensitive to touch. >> DOLPHINS ARE OFTEN SPOTTED off the coast of Lanai and along Maui's northwest and southwest coasts. >> Dolphins can travel at more than 20 miles per hour. However, they usually cruise more slowly at 3 to 7 miles per hour. >> Because they are mammals and need to breathe, a dolphin is never fully asleep. One half of its brain will sleep, while the other half takes over to keep surfacing for air. Sounds tiring, huh? 4 Dolphin faCTS: 3 2 1 Dolphin watching Many people dream of spotting a dolphin in the wild. Here on Maui, you have an excellent chance of making that dream come true. Dolphins take care of other dolphins who need help, and have even been known to hold a sick or injured dolphin out of the water so that it will not drown. >>

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