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You'd be surprised at the actual shots you can get from a phone these days. Check out Marty's tips below! WHALE PHOTO TIPS Photos by Marty Wolff On the upper right of this page, is the image actually shot with her iPhone. The Three Most Important Tips Settings Set your ISO to 400. Set your camera to the continuous shutter setting (fastest for over water, slowest for underwater). If you have continuous auto-focus, use that. Set your speed setting (1/250th for over water, 1/125th for underwater). Underwater Hold your camera very still while under the surface. Most underwater action is slow, so let the animal come into your view. Over Water Be ready - most humpback action happens fast and at a distance, so zoom your telephoto to maximum. DSLR Options If you're using a DSLR, a 300mm lens is recommended, and a 300mm wide angle zoom is ideal to get distant action, fill the frame easier, and have the capability to open up for close action and panoramas. Set the camera on aperture priority to F8 or F11. The key is to keep your shutter speed at 1/500th of a second or faster, if possible. If it's less, go to a smaller aperture setting or set 1/500th for shutter speed and let the aperture do what it does. If your sensor can handle a higher ISO setting, go to 500 or 640. Pictures might be a bit noisy, but the shutter speed will increase. ENJOY & GET READY TO TAKE HOME SOME AMAZING PHOTOS! – By Marty Wolff Other Tips for Great Photos 1 Use the largest memory card you can get in your camera. Running out of card space is not fun! Fully charge your battery. An extra battery is suggested. 3 2 Be ready! Things happen very suddenly! Keep your camera up in the ready position, eyes on the water, with your finger on the trigger! Don't spend a lot of time looking at what you just shot! It just wastes battery life & you'll miss opportunities for the next shot!

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