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31 Maui Whale Watch Magazine • WhaleWatchingOnMaui.com As far as Maui and whaling goes, it wasn't until around 1820 that North American whalers first began arriving in the Hawaiian Islands. Over the next 40 years, the small town of Lahaina became the whaling capital of the Pacific. During this period in American history whale oil was used for heating, lighting lamps, and in industrial machinery; while whale bone (which is actually the baleen strips that hang from a whale's upper jaw to filter food) was used in corsets, skirt hoops, umbrellas, and buggy whips. Although it was a cruel trade, the whaling industry became the primary source of jobs and economic growth in Hawaii for about 40 years. Twice yearly, whaling ship crews sailed to Lahaina and Honolulu to restock provisions, make arrangements to transport After months of hard whaling in the open oceans, vessels from as far away as Alaska and Japan made their way to the little town of Lahaina for some fun. But sailors and missionaries didn't always see eye to eye.... HUNTING HUMPBACKS HAVE NOT ALWAYS BEEN SAFE IN HAWAII FISHING NATIVE HAWAIIANS HUNTED MANY TYPES OF MARINE LIFE DRINKING WHALERS CAME TO MAUI JUST TO HAVE SOME FUN PRAYING MISSIONARIES TRIED TO CONTROL THE WHALERS Humans have engaged in whaling since prehistoric times, but as ships grew bigger, and the demand for whale oil increased, more whales were killed. By the end of the 1800s, many whale populations were almost depleted. MAUI The history of whaling on Lahaina was the whaling capital of the Pacific, and a place where whalers liked to celebrate...

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